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River Valley Community Church
888 S Edgelawn | Aurora, IL 60506 | 630-844-9115
Sunday Worship at 10:00AM



2017 Goals for River Valley

Goal #1: We will help people grow in spiritual maturity.

Disciples follow Jesus. They imitate His character and learn to be more like Him, which only happens as they grow deeper in His truth and grace, as they grow in their relationship with Him. And growing disciples don't depend solely on the weekend message as their source of spiritual nourishment. They become self-feeders who study the Bible, pray, give, serve and eventually share their faith with others.

Our role as church leaders isn't to produce spiritual maturity. Only the Holy Spirit can do that. But it is certainly our job to create the environment and supply the tools for God to work with.

  • How will my preaching, and whoever is a guest preacher, challenge people to be like Jesus?
  • How can we get resources, that help people grow in their relationship with God, into their hands daily?
  • How can we encourage people to better use Right Now Media for their own spiritual benefit?
  • How can we remind people of the power and potential of prayer?
  • How can we provide formal and informal opportunities for discipleship?

Goal #2: We will help people get better connected.

You can only make disciples when people who come stick around. It's actually easy to get a bunch of people to come. What's difficult is getting people to stick, to keep coming back, and to feel that they are truly part of the family. The real issue is, how do we help people see that they really belong, and that the best way to grow spiritually is to be a committed part of the body. As we face another year, we're wrestling with questions such as:
  • How can we help people get better connected by being in a LifeGroup or some other form of accountability?
  • How can we give every person a job, a role serving the body of the community?
  • How can we best challenge more people to commit to being fully devoted followers of Christ?
  • How do we get people to take ownership of the mission of the church?

Rightnow Media

RightNow Media is like "Netflix for the church" because they have a huge library with thousands of video sessions that people can access anytime, anywhere. Their creative team films and produces RightNow Media Originals featuring teaching from respected teachers and pastors. They also distribute video resources produced by over 100 other major Christian publishers and ministries.

**Call the church office to get signed up!

Life Groups are the core of our community

Like the church of the First Century, River Valley Life groups meet house-to-house,
coming together to study God's word, to pray, to evangelize, to serve, and to help one
another. We use an acronym serve to guide our Life Groups. It breaks down like this:


  • S=Spiritual formation
  • E=Evangelism
  • R=Reproduction
  • V=Volunteerism
  • E=Extending care


If you have questions or would like to connect with a Life group,
please call Pastor Andy Morgan at 630-272-2639 or the Church Office at 630-844-9115.

Life groups currently meet in: Sugar Grove, Aurora, and Batavia.