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Success and failure often go hand in hand.  So following up on Noi's story from last month, we wanted to share Fook's story starting with her own words:

My name is Fook.  I am 19-years-old.  When I was in middle school, I had to drop out because I was pregnant, and I decided to stay with my boyfriend.  This man was not a responsible leader for our family, nor was he ever caring towards me.  Because of this, I decided to go out and meet new men.

When my son was 14 months old, my boyfriend and I broke up.  At this point, it became my responsibility to care for my whole family.  Although I didn't like it, I began working in a karaoke bar because I thought it was the only way to survive.  I began working into the morning, sleeping, and waking up to do it all again.

Soon, I became pregnant.  My mother was already staying at home to take care of my son, my father had recently quit his job, and my boyfriend and I had separated, so I was the only one to provide for our family.  As soon as I recovered from giving birth to my baby, I returned to work in the bars.  It was there that I met Kay and was invited to join her ministry.  I decided to accept her offer without knowing the type of work I would be doing.  At first I felt inadequate, but now I desire to walk this new path in my life.

From the time Fook joined the ministry, it was a struggle for her.  At first, just to stay awake throughout the work day was hard.  Then she struggled in dealing with the other women in the program.  Finally, she struggled with the demands of her family.

The demands of her family won out in the end.  The entire family moved to another province, and Fook, being the sole bread winner, returned to work at a bar.  Her first post after returning to bar work stated, "For money, for the future of my family, I must do this."  She is trapped, not by a bar owner, a trafficker, or a pimp, but by her family.

While, we are deeply saddened to see Fook return to bar work at the request of her family, it inspires us to dig in more.  And we are not giving up on Fook.  She knows we will welcome her back and are still in touch with her.

Financial Support: 

For donations to support the women and children of Samaritan Creations, please donate online or send a check to IGOww.  You can use the following information to send in support via post.

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Our family's personal support is still through Women at Risk, International.  If you feel led to give, we'd love to have your support. To support our family, please click here and select "Missionary" and "Killar Family." 

With love and thanks, 
Mike and Kay Killar for Samaritan Creations 

Support Samaritan Creations in 2017
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